Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making Leprechauns!

This is one of the best days in Kindergarten! I love making our leprechauns and so do my kids! I usually hate using paints in class because they are just so MESSY! However, for our leprechauns I make an exception because they just turn out so cute. This is a listening activity for my kids, they have to follow my directions in order to end up with a Leprechaun. The instructions I give go something like this:
Write your name at the bottom of your paper
Make  a big square on the top of your paper
Put a long rectangle under that square
Put a line through the square
Make a three leaf clover on the hat (I say make an upside down U three times and add a stem)
To make his beard you want to make it like a cloud
Make a cloud all of the way around
Make an uppercase U for his face
Draw on lips, eyes, and a nose
Then make a rectangle for one arm, another rectangle for the other arm
Make a square for the front of this jacket
Make a line down the square
Add buttons next to the line
Then for the hands, make one bit uppercase U next to a lowercase u without a tail
They'll look like mittens.
Next add two rectangles under his jack to make his pants
Add ovals for the feet

This is an easy way for the kids to understand how to make them and keep them on track.
My morning group I did NOT have them use a black crayon to trace them and they still turned out pretty cute, however my afternoon class did use a black crayon to trace their picture and I think that may have turned out better....

After they are drawn and traced have the kids color them using water color paints. Let them dry and then cut them out, they'll be so CUTE!

Have fun!


  1. Oh My! I am in LOVE!!! If we were in school next week we would be doing these .. but I won't complain since it's Spring Break!!

    I am your newest follower!!
    Doodle Bugs Teaching
    Doodle Bugs Paper

  2. LOVE :) Thanks for the fab idea! On my to do list!

    Growing Kinders

  3. I love how your leprechauns came out! They look amazing! I tried this art project with my class who adored it. THank you for the creative idea.

    Little Miss Hood's Adventures in Kindergarten

  4. Awesome! Great instructional breakdown for the kids!

  5. These directions are great and they turned out adorably even though I was a fun-hater who just used crayon. :)