Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Letter + A Sight Word + A Number A Day

This year the other kindergarten teacher and I have started a new program. Simply we call it the "Letter A Day" program, but in reality it's much much more than that. It also includes a sight word a day and a number a day. We use white boards and markers for this and it takes up about 20 minutes of our day. We talk about the letter for the day, what sound it makes, and how we write it. Then we write it on our white boards, we do the same for the sight word and the number. We simply rotate through the alphabet (changing it's order every time we go through it) and our sight words. That way the kids get their alphabet and sight words 6 more times during the year instead of just focusing on one a week. It works so much better and already I can see a huge improvement in my students. For the number we just use the number from that day in the month. For example, today's number was 4 because today is October 4th. This way you hit each of the numbers 1-31 multiple times during the year. Click here to get the specific format for this program.


  1. This sounds great! Look forward to seeing the details... google docs isnt working though :-S


  2. Oh no! I'll send it to you then...what's your email?

  3. I too would LOVE more information!! But I cant get the google doc to work either!!

    Love the idea!!
    sarah hetrick

  4. Ditto! I don't think your document is shared with the public or something...Would love to see more of it! Sounds like a great idea. Thanks!


  5. I would like to see it as well.... robertc@usd508.org Thanks!

  6. I would like to see more also, but the doc doesn't want me to! If you don't mind sending, my email is Lynann.Stewart@seymour-isd.net
    Thank you!

  7. I would like to see more about your letter+word+number a day format as well. My email is kstep_hens@yahoo.com

  8. I would love to view the format for your letter/sight word/number of the day exercise. Could you forward it to me? tneilson4@yahoo.com

    Thank you so much! Love this idea!