Saturday, January 7, 2012

Funny Things My Kids Have Said-Kindergarten Humor

I know how stressful teaching can be, and so sometimes we just need a good laugh. This year I have absolutely hilarious kids who keep me laughing everyday. I've been posting their comments on facebook and I've decided that it's time to post them here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Funny conversation I had with one of my students today:
Student: Your hair used to be long.
Me: Yep! I looked very different.
Student: Yep! Now you look like a boy.
Student: (Moving on to a new topic) My birthday is in March. March 28th.
Me: Do you know what? My sister and my husband both have birthdays in March too!
Student: Really? What days?
Me: My husband's is on March 10th and my sister's is ...on March 12.
Student: Do you remember that I saw your sister one time?
Me: Yep! She's the cute one with red hair.
Student: I don't really like people with red hair, they're...(She starts twisting her finger around her ear), crazy!

Another funny conversation I had with my students:
Me to the whole class: My birthday is on January 26th so on that day we will be having a big birthday party!
Class: YAY!
Student 1: We should have cake!
Student 2: No, we should have cupcakes and decorate them!
Me: We'll see. I promise to come up with some fun ideas!
Student 3: Can we plan pin-the-tail on the donkey?
Me: That's a good idea, but I'...m going to come up with the activities and then I'll let you know what we're going to do.

This line of conversation continued for quite a while with me trying to convince them that I was the one who was going to come up with the activities--they really didn't understand.

Final student: Well, I have the best idea ever!
Me: Ok, what is it? And this is our last idea, and then we're going to move onto our writing!
Student 4: Let's crochet!!!
Me: Um, sure, I'll think about that one...

Crochet!?! Ha ha, they really do say the funnies things!

So today I am discussing props for our Gingerbread Play with my students and one little girl asks if I can make her a crown. I gently remind her that she's a gingerbread girl not a gingerbread princess and doesn't need a crown. Then she get's distracted and says, "Well, you have a headband." (somehow she'd made a connection between a headband and a crown)....then she pauses for a long minute and says, "And you don't even have hair!"

So today one of my kids was telling me about the crazy windstorm that they had in Centerville. This is what she said: "And the Porky-Pine trees in our backyard fell over..." So cute! Porky-Pine trees!!!

There's been plenty of other comments, but I'll just start adding the new ones as they come.

I hope these make your day!


  1. Haha! Let's crochet?!! How stinkin cute!

  2. I know! They are so funny! The other day we were walking down the hall and one of my little girls suddenly pipes up and says, "Wow! Mrs. Hardy we're almost as tall as you!" I laughed so hard and said, "Yep, and that's why I teach kindergarten!"