Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Alright, I realize that November was the last time I actually posted anything on this blog. That is sad and pathetic. I could give you a million excuses from graduate school to Kindergarten but in the end none of it would matter. Instead, I'm just going to apologize and thank you for you patience and understanding. Now, here's the good news: I have finished making all of my New Year's Resolutions and as you may expect many of the revolve around kindergarten and this blog. YAY! So, in order to make sure I follow through with each of the resolutions that have to with you I thought I would write them out so you can hold me accountable!
My New Year's Blogging Resolutions:
1. Post at least twice a month
*Twice a month still doesn't seem often enough to be honest, but I know there will be some months where that is all I will be able to do. For the months that I am less busy I will try to do at least one a week if not more!
2. More meaningful posts
*I want to make sure that my posts are of worth to you. Information or things you really want. I will work harder on this!
3. More freebies
*I LOVE LOVE LOVE freebies! Who doesn't? And I have decided that I need to make more free lesson plans, worksheets, and fun ideas for all of us to use! I'm probably the more excited about this resolution than any of the other!
4. Better, more involved lesson plans
*I have some amazing lesson plan ideas just sitting in my head, waiting for me to put them on paper, I've just got to figure out how and when! But I'm going to try for at least one a month...wish me luck!!
5. Respond to emails and comments faster
*I have never been very good about this, and in fact I know there are comments I still haven't responded to properly. For this I truly do apologize. I will get to you! Promise!

Well, there you have it! My Blogging Resolutions for 2012, however I did forget one more:

6. Enjoy, find, and appreciate the wonderful world of teacher bloggers that have already created and are creating fantastic ideas!
*I'm going to spend more time enjoying your blogs because while I have so many ideas floating around my head, I know you have just as many incredible ones for me to use! Thank you!

Happy New Year my blogging friends!

With love,

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