Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm Back! And It's Time For the 5 Senses!!!

OK! OK! I know I need to apolgoize for being absent for the past two months! It's been quite the adjustment moving to Shanghai, China, learning a new school curriculum, working on learning Chinese, and just adjusting to a new life. But I feel like I am finally ready to start blogging again and add all of the fun things I've been doing with my kids over the past two months!

First, let me introduce you to my kids:
This picture was taken after our Family Sports Day this past Saturday! Aren't they so cute!
Next, let me introduce you to my Chinese co-teacher. Her name is Star and she is the best co-teacher I could ever hope for!

We're so excited that Sports Day is over!

Aren't we cute!

Star is so awesome!
The K1 Teaching Team! (And one of our kids from the other class!)
This month we are talking about the 5 Senses and I have a ton of stuff to put up! Unfortunately, I only have a few minutes this morning so I'm only going to add some of things I've been doing for the Sense of Hearing. Later this week I will add things for the Sense of Smell and the Sense of Touch!
We just started the Sense of Hearing today so I don't have a ton to add yet, but I did make some noise bottles over the weekend for my kids and a cute label for you to print if you want to make your own. I'm kind of limited in what I can find here in Shanghai so I only used things that I could find in my own kitchen: salt, sugar, rice, noddles, water (with food coloring), etc. But the kids absolutely loved them today! I put them in our science cornor and will just let them explore them for the rest of the week. To print the label, just click on it, save it to your computer and print. It's in a PNG file. Have fun and I'll add some more soon!!!
I just used whatever container I could find! The kids like the variety though and the plastic vs. the paper cup, etc make very different sounds!

Exploring the sounds and containers!

Have a great Monday! I hope you enjoy this printables!!


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