Sunday, March 6, 2011


I use whole group classroom management as well as individual management. For whole class management we have a chart on the right side of our board where they try to earn points. Above the chart we have our goal listed. This week they are working on getting 85 points. Anytime they do something correct or great I give them points. Sometimes it's just one point, sometimes it's as much as five points. If they are not following the rules or making bad choices then I take points off the board. For example, last week they were all very noisy in library so I took three points away, but after that they worked very hard to earn them back and within a few hours they had. Once they reach their goal they get to pick out of my treasure box. I keep very simple things in my treasure box; pencils, candy, erasers, small toys, etc. Also, this is a great way to teach them tally marks and to count by 5s. Whenever I add points to the board I make sure to have them count with me, it's great practice!

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