Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Art Project

After we talked about Spring (we've been discussing the seasons this week and the fact that spring is just around the corner) we did a Spring art project. For this project you need tissue paper, water color paints, pipe cleaners, and sponge paint brushes. You first use the water color paints to paint the white or tan colored tissue paper. You'll need to let this dry overnight. You want your tissue paper cut in about 6 " x 8 " for the butterflies. For the flowers you'll want about 4 " x 4 ". After the paint has dried you start with the butterflies. You use a pipe cleaner and tie it around the middle of the butterfly. Spread out the tissue paper for the wings and curl the tops of the pipe cleaner to make the antennas. For the flowers you also put the pipe cleaner int he middel of the tissue paper and tie it around. Then push the paper up until it's shaped like a flower. We then put them all together to make our own "Spring Garden."

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