Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sight Words/Popcorn Words

In my classroom I call sight words "Popcorn Words." The reason I call them this is because they POP! into your head. The kids also love it! We also do a popcorn poetry book as well that uses poems to teach the popcorn words. When we do our popcorn poetry book I give each child a cup full of popcorn. They especially love it because they get a snack :-) I also teach the popcorn words using body movements, more specifically arm movements. When we have small letters (e.g. a, e, i, m, n) we just pump our fists. When we have tall letters (e.g. d, b, t, f) we pump our fists high in the air. When we have letters that go down (e.g. p, g, y) we pump our fist down. So for example if our popcorn word is "and" we would pump our fists twice as we say "a" and "n" and then we would pump our fist high in the are as we would say "d". Then we would clap and say "and." "A" (small fist bump) "N"(small fist bump) "D"(fist high in air), (Clap) "AND."

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