Thursday, March 3, 2011

Star Students

Every week I focus on one student. This student brings a poster on Monday that contains pictures and/or drawings of things they want to share with us. They get the spotlight for about 5 minutes while they talk about their poster and then they can call on three students to discuss the poster. I limit the number to 3 students otherwise we would be discussing the poster all day. I tell the rest of the students that they can ask more questions at recess time or center time. I also have a really simple easy cheer that we do for the star students. It's silly, but it goes like this: "Go Mr./Miss _______!, Go Mr./Miss________! Go! Go! Go!" So simple, but the kids love it. I also give them a certificate that tells them they are out star student. The thing they love most about being the star student is the fact that they get to be line leader for the week. They absolutely love that!

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