Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Here are a few ideas for St. Paddy's Day. First, we did an art/writing activity. You need to take a picture of each of your students then they color a hat, hair, beard, and 4-leaf clover to make themselves into a leprechaun. They loved it...they just laughed and laughed. As soon as I figure out own to attach a pdf file onto her I will give you the outline for the hat, beard, hair, etc. After they've made themselves into a leprechaun I gave them the writing prompt: "If I were a leprechaun:_________." Before we started writing we read stories about leprechauns (cute, funny picture books) and then talked about what leprechauns usually do. Most of my children said that if they were a leprechaun then they would "steal gold." That seemed to be the most common consensus that leprechaun's have lots of gold!
The next activity we do for St. Paddy's Day is called the "Magic Potion." After the kids come back from recess they come in to find the room a mess, that a leprechaun has been there, and that he's left them a note and a secret potion. The note says something to the effect of: "Dear Kindergarten, Today is a Magic Day and I have left you a Magic Potion, but you have to find it. When you find it you much drink it right away and it will keep you healthy. BUT if you an adult drinks the potion their feet will turn green...this I promise! Good luck. You can't catch me. Love, Lucky Leprechaun." Then you go and find the potion which is green juice. You give each of the kids a glass of the juice and wait for them to try and get you to drink the potion. Finally give in and drink the potion and make a big deal about it and then take your shoes off to show your now green feet. I use food coloring to make my feet green. I just put food coloring on a paper towel and pat it onto the tops of my feet. The kids absolutely love this!!!
Another activity I do is we draw our own leprechauns (free hand) and then use water colors to paint them. Then we cut them out after they have dried. They turn out so cute!

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  1. Hi, I love your activities above. Are sharing the templates? I'd love to have a copy to do with my class. Thanks